Last week, we attended Eco Savvy‘s workshop on fermenting foods, called the Fermentation Station. The workshop taught us how to make sauerkraut and a no-cook chutney, and involved massaging cabbage, a few tears from chopping onions and a presentation into what fermentation is by the lovely Jess, who works for Eco Savvy.

Around 12 people attended the workshop and everyone seemed really engaged. Who would have thought massaging cabbage could be a bonding experience!

There were lots of hand-outs and fliers on the work Eco Savvy do and on fermentation and food waste. Jess had brought along a copy of a book – maybe even a bible – with lots of fermentation recipes. So after the workshop, off to Amazon we went and purchased a copy. It’s called The Cultured Club.

Today, using some turnips Jess gave us that were leftover from her Arran Supper Club at the weekend and some beetroot from our veggie patch, we put one of the recipes to test; pickled pink turnips. For obvious reasons, we can’t share the recipe, but here’s the book’s website if you’d like to find out more.

All we’ve got to do now is wait a couple of weeks for the turnips to ferment… I wonder if they’ll go with haggis and scrambled tofu?!

the cultured club book cover with a turnip
preparing turnips for fermenting
fermented turnips in jars
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