The Hosts


We turned vegan in 2013 and opened Ferghan Mhor in 2018


The journey to Ferghan Mhor was long. It started in April 2003, when we left our home town of Glasgow on a one-way ticket to New Zealand.

Fast forward a number of years and countries to 2016 to us driving through Italy in Black Betty – our campervan – en route back from a friend’s wedding. We’d just had a strong Italian coffee somewhere near the Italian Alps and we were talking (probably too much) about having a bigger home, a campsite, a B&B, clamping pods, retro-caravans and a “something other” than what we were doing.

We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted or where, but we knew we wanted to create a place that people wanted to come, relax and leave with the feeling they had experienced something different.

In January 2018, we got the chance to buy Ferghan Mhor. A beautiful house built in the 1800s on the Isle of Arran in a tiny village called Sannox.

We took that chance and have since been working on the dream.

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We turned vegan in 2013, which means we don’t eat meat and we don’t eat dairy products. We also don’t eat honey and we avoid other products that have either been tested on animals or are derived from animals like leather.

That means that when you come a stay at Ferghan Mhor B&B, we serve plant-based, cruelty free food. And the products we provide, like shampoo and soap (check out our suppliers), have gone nowhere near animals.

We totally get why this might not be for everyone. But what we do say is that we are open to everyone. YOU ARE INVITED.

If you are vegetarian and want to learn more about veganism, then come stay. If you are a meat eater or have a fish only diet but are curious, then come along. If you are already vegan, you might just have found your own little place of heaven. Regardless of your beliefs, we don’t throw veganism at you. We want you to enjoy Ferghan Mhor.

The dog!

On 1 May 2021, we fulfilled a long time dream of getting a dog. We rescued a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Bonnie from the Dog’s Trust. She is a five year old and quickly becoming the love of our lives!

You will most likely meet Bonnie at check in. She is kept down the stairs away from your area. Please let us know if you have any dog allergies, are uncomfortable around dogs or have questions about staying at a B&B with a dog.

"Gregor and Ruth could not have given us any more of a warm reception to their beautiful B&B. Tea and homemade vegan cookies after some coastal cycling was really just what we needed"