What's in our food and what you eat at Ferghan Mhor

Special requirements or allergies?


Below you'll find a list of ingredients used in our homemade vegan products. We've listed many of the brands we use too. You can also have a look at our menu.

Vegan Haggis

Carrots, dark muscovado sugar cane, dried parsley, dried sage, green lentils, ground pepper, fresh lemon juice, mushrooms, nutmeg, PINHEAD OATS (gluten free available), onions, PEANUT BUTTER, PEARL BARLEY, PUMPKIN SEEDS, red lentils, salt, SOY SAUCE (gluten-free available), vegan margarine, vegetable oil


Cinnamon, coconut flakes, coconut oil, dried mixed berries, golden syrup, maple syrup, MIXED NUTS, PORRIDGE OATS (gluten free available), SESAME SEEDS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, vegetable oil

Scrambled Tofu

Dark muscovado sugar, dried parsley, onions, shallots, SOY SAUCE (gluten free available), tofu (gluten free), tomatoes, turmeric, nutritional yeast


BAKING POWDER, FLOUR, granulated white sugar, salt, soya or coconut milk, vegetable oil

Potato Scones

FLOUR, potatoes, salt, vegan margarine, vegetable oil

Brands and products we use (not exhaustive)

Alpro plant based milk and yogurts, Arran Fine Foods (jam and marmalade), Bon Mamam Jams, Branston Baked Beans, Cauldron Tofu, Coop Cereals (Blueberry Wheats, Apricot Wheats and Maple & Pecan Crisps), Coop Mixed Berries, Coop Soy Sauce, Engevita Yeast Flakes, Heinz (and Branston) Baked Beans, Heinz Ketchup, HP Sauce, Lyle's Golden Syrup, Marmite, Meridian Peanut Butter, Tofoo, Vitalite Dairy Free Margarine