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Welcome to the new Ferghan Mhor blog!!! We’re now up and running as a vegan bed and breakfast and it seems like an age ago that we ran the online survey – which a whopping 565 people responded to. Thanks go to Islington Impact Hub, Vegan Scotland and Vegan Glasgow for sharing it with their communities!

As promised, we wanted to share a summary of the results, so without further ado, let’s get into it…


The objective of the survey was really to find out which things we should prioritise for the B&B and which things we should drop as ideas.

As mentioned, a massive 565 people completed the 10 minute survey and out of them 82% were vegans, 8.5% vegetarians and the remainder were in transition of some sort. There were a few carnivores not in transition, which we welcome too 🙂 Thanks everyone for your time.

As far as the reasons for being vegan, not surprisingly 72.5% cited animal rights and ethics as their number one reason. 14% of folk said it was also (or solely) for health reasons with the remaining 13.5% raising environmental concerns. So there you have it; ANIMALS, WE LOVE YOU!!!

What’s important in a vegan B&B?

Not many surprises in the “what’s important to you” section – especially, given that the world isn’t flushed with vegan options – the top most important aspect of the B&B were “vegetarian / vegan considerations”.

Second most important was location (check out this page) and third was friendly hosts (check out this page). So hopefully, we’ve got that covered 😉

Other options were privacy, luxury, price, eco-friendliness, child-friendly, child-free, dog friendly, dog-free and pub / restaurant nearby.

The one we’re particularly pleased about was that “dog-free” scored the highest “NOT IMPORTANT” score. More to come on this at a later date when we rescue a pooch!

The vegan breakfast

At Ferghan Mhor, we’re offering a self-service breakfast plus the option of a cooked breakfast or pancakes.

Survey options in the self-service breakfast included cereals, granola, fruit juice, plant based milks, plant based yoghurt, fruit bowl, fruit salad, toast, jam / peanut butter and Marmite.

The biggest shock horror was that Marmite was ranked the highest “not important”. Clearly Marmite needs to up its game! (We love it here!).

Anyhoo… The top three were plant based milks, toast and jam / peanut butter. Not really a surprise there. However, the thing we were really keen to understand was what people thought of the cooked options.

We asked respondents to rate the importance of a fully cooked vegan breakfast, porridge, overnight oats, pancakes, breakfast burrito and smashed avocado on toast.

The top three were: fully cooked breakfast, smashed avocado on toast and pancakes. We decided to do the fully cooked and the pancakes (see the menu).

Some of the comments on the breakfast options were interesting around treats. One respondent said:

“My first instinct was to choose ‘very important’ for all of the cooked breakfast options above – they all sound delicious! But in the end I went for the more complex options (pancakes, burrito etc) as I think when you stay at a B&B it’s lovely to have a treaty breakfast – something you wouldn’t make for yourself. I regularly make porridge and overnight oats, so would be unlikely to choose those options at a B&B.”

Overnight oats was rated the highest “not important”

Some other things that came up in the comments were the importance of good coffee (we are using Dear Green), a selection of herbal teas (tick!), low carb options and gluten free and allergy considerations (see our ingredients page – more to come on this too).

Lunch and evening meals

So on to something that we have chopped and changed our minds about: providing a packed lunch and evening meal, which we have decided not to do at the moment despite 63% respondents saying they were interested and 35% saying they were maybe interested in the lunch and 75% interested and 25% maybe interested for evening meals.

Top three foods in packed lunch were a sandwich (90%), cake (82%) and fruit (65.5%) and an acceptable price ranged between £5 and £7.

We never specified specific foods for the evening meal, but asked for some comments in relation to food in general. Some requests included; knowledge on local pubs / restaurant with vegan options (working on it), locally sourced (trying our best), treats on offer (we do cakes daily!) and vegan haggis (tick!).

Vegan bed and breakfast facilities

Which facilities to provide is a hard question to answer. Everyone looks for different things relative to their own situation and preference. Even since opening a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had lots of requests for different facilities.

The top three “most important” from the survey were towels, tea and coffee and Wifi. Interestingly, a guest living room ranked the highest “not important”. That’s handy, as we don’t have room for one!

Other facilities that were mentioned in the survey by respondents (in no order) were:

  • Hairdryer (and maybe hair straighteners)
  • Iron
  • Things going on / events
  • Cloak room / drying room
  • Board game, books, playing cards
  • Reducing waste / zero waste
  • Alcohol
  • Private bathroom
  • Children’s play area
  • A jacuzzi and hot tube was mentioned a few times!

Lastly, car parking was only mentioned once, but we wondered if that’s probably a given?!


Last but not least, we asked survey respondents how much they would be willing to paid for a room with a shared bathroom, a room with a private bathroom and an ensuite room. Here are the results.

  • £60 for shared bathroom
  • £80 for private bathroom
  • £80 – £100 for ensuite bathroom

We think that’s fair and was inline with our thinking before sending the survey out.

So there you go, that’s the results from the survey we created in April this year. Thank you to everyone who took part and donated their time. And thanks to all those that have provided feedback over the last couple of months on our ideas, food, rooms, set up, garden. The list goes on.

Turns out that setting up a small two bedroom vegan B&B is something that people are willing to help with and happy to share their views on. We opened officially on 19th July and are loving the experience so far.

If you’d like to come and stay in our vegan bed and breakfast on Arran, then you can check availability on Airbnb (here or here).

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