When we moved to Arran in February 2018, looking for a house and somewhere to live was hard work. So trying out the local vegan food on Arran was a nice pastime and way to relax 🙂

Since our first day, we’ve been taking snaps of vegan options available nearby to us in Sannox, and on the island in general. The list of what we’ve found is below. It’s not a definitive list, and we’ll add to it and change it as we go – not to mention posting photos on Instagram – but we hope this helps you with your quest to find vegan food on Arran!

Corrie and Sannox

The Corrie Hotel is only 20 minutes walk away from Ferghan Mhor. And they serve a standard hotel type menu with vegetarian options. For a vegan option – that’s not chips and salad – you can phone ahead. We’ve had a vegan curry (2018) and a Thai burger (below) and lentil soup (2019)

thai burger and chips corrie hotelAbout 50 yards away from Corrie Hotel is Mara, a fish bar and deli. There is always a vegan option (falafel tacos and / or vegan kedgeree) and sometimes the chef does either chips or hasselback potatoes that are to die for. It’s also a good place to go if you fancy a nice coffee – they serve Dear Green from Glasgow – and they also sell local bread on premise from Blackwater Bakehouse.

Note: there is also a tea room at Corrie Golf Club. It sells traditional food, but the handmade chips are pretty tasty. A chip butty and soup is £5.

vegan taco at mara in corrie
Vegan taco at Mara Fish Bar, Corrie (2019)


Heading north from Sannox to Lochranza is The Sandwich Station near the ferry terminal. There are always two vegan options on the menu (in 2019 there were five!) plus they sell damn good soup. The sandwiches here are amazing and served on local bread.

sandiwch at the sandwich station in lochranza
Beetroot sandwich at The Sandwich Station (2018)


sweet potato with lime pickle sandwich
Sweet potato and lime pickle sandwich at The Sandwich Station (2019)


Aubergine and spiced onions on focaccia at the Sandwich Station (2019)
Aubergine and spiced onions on focaccia at the Sandwich Station (2019)

Whilst you’re in Lochranza, you can also visit the Whisky Distillery for lunch in the aptly named Casks Cafe. Normally they have a soup that is vegan (you need to ask) and you can get a salad sandwich (with chips, of course!). If that doesn’t float your boat, then just head downstairs and get some whisky!

Although we’ve not been, the Stag’s Pavilion is also in Lochranza, which now has a vegan and vegetarian menu (2019). You need to book Stag’s four weeks in advance. Here is the menu.

Vegan and veggie menu at Stag's Pavillion 2019
Vegan / veggie menu at Stag’s Pavillion (2019)

West Coast

As you head further round the island to the west coast, you get to Pirnmill. There is the Lighthouse Restaurant here (not tried it and but as of 2019 they don’t have vegan options, but one guest phoned ahead and the chef prepared a meal). If you continue on for a wee while (assuming you are driving) you’ll see signs for Cafe Thyme (at the Old Byre). OMG… they do these Turkish pizza type things (called Pides) and have vegan options. They taste fab.

Turkish pides at Cafe Thyme
Vegan Turkish pide at Cafe Thyme (2018)

Continuing on you come to Machrie and Blackwaterfoot. We’re not too sure about eating options, but you can get soya milk in Kinloch Hotel in Blackwaterfoot, so it’s a good place to stop for a coffee and sit in the lounge staring a the sea. Blackwater Bakehouse is also in Blackwaterfoot (check the opening times – and that the bread you’re buying is vegan, as some of it is not).


Back over on the east side of Arran, and heading further south from Sannox and Corrie you get to Brodick. Next to Arran Aromatics (now called Arran Sense of Scotland), there is a cafe called Janie’s Cafe, which do a vegan cake – YESSS!!! Go on – you could walk from our place (5 miles), walk off your vegan breakfast and then top yourself up with a cake!

janie's cafe oreo chocolate cake
Vegan Oreo Brownie from Janie’s Cafe (2019)


janie's cafe vegan flapjack
Vegan Flapjack from Janie’s Cafe (2019)

Just before you get to Janie’s Cafe and Arran Aromatics and near the Arran Brewery, there is an old building called the Wine Port, which is open during the day. In July 2019, we had the vegan chilli and it was very tasty and in February 2020, we had beetroot bhajis, again very tasty. Photos below.

vegan chilli at the wine port arran
Vegan chilli at the Wine Port (2019)
Beetroot bhaji at the Wineport Feb 2020
Beetroot bhaji at the Wineport Feb 2020

Carrying on further into Brodick you get to Crofters, which has a number of vegan options. They specifically state on a sign in the window that they have “vegan options”, which kind of gives you confidence and a warm fuzzy feeling inside 🙂 We’ve had a veggie burger and mushroom stroganoff in 2018 and in August 2019 they had vegan nachos, a vegan salad and lentil soup on the menu (nachos below).

fidllers vegan burger and mushroom stroganoff
Veggie burger and mushroom stroganoff at Crofters in Brodick (2018)


Vegan nachos at Crofters
Vegan nachos at Crofters (2019)

Near Crofters is Wooleys the bakers, which sells lovely bread – just check it is vegan though. And then carrying on a bit you get to Little Rock Cafe. This place is the bizzle. It’s also very busy… Handily enough though, if it’s too busy you can jump on to the crazy golf right in front of the cafe. Go on… let yourself go… Go crazy. Little Rock Cafe has a few options (baked potatoes and that kind of thing). They also do a good sandwich and veggie burger that can be made vegan. Plus Dear Green coffee. And as of 2019, some vegan energy balls provided by Rebel Coco (beetroot, peanut butter and cacao flavours).

little rock cafe vegan sandwich
Vegan sandwich at Little Rock Cafe (ask for sun-dried tomatoes instead of feta) (2019)


Peanut butter and beetroot protein balls at Little Rock (2019)
Peanut butter and beetroot protein balls at Little Rock (2019)

Brodick is also home for the Auchrannie, Arran’s 4* resort, which has a number of restaurants. One restaurant is the 1869 and has a vegan menu.

vegan menu at the 1869
Vegan menu at the 1869 (2018)

Another restuarant at The Auchrannie is Cruize. We went with family in March 2019, and were pleasantly surprised with options. Below is a vegan pizza and a vegan platter.

Vegan pizza at The Auchrannie
Vegan pizza at The Auchrannie…


Vegan platter at The Auchrannie
…and the vegan platter at The Auchrannie (2019)

In October 2018 (after the first time version of this article), a new place opened up in Brodick called The Parlour, which is owned by Arran Dairies. The Parlour has a number of vegan options including soup, sorbet and vegan pizza.

vegan pizza at The Parlour
Vegan pizza at The Parlour (2019)

Stop the bus…


Vegan strawberry ice cream
Vegan strawberry ice cream (2019)

Another couple of options in Brodick – especially if you are looking for a local pint – are Brodick Golf Course and The Ormidale Hotel. The golf course menu changes, but this year (April 2019) we had some parsnip soup, which was well deserved after a walk from Sannox over the saddle! The Ormidale menu changes too, but we’ve had a vegan curry there before – and more importantly (!), they do curly fries (you can request them to be fried in vegetable oil).

parsnip soup at brodick golf course
Parsnip soup at Brodick Golf Course (2019)

Lastly, in Brodick there is the chippy – amazing chips! – at the ferry terminal called Hooked and Crooked, which is quite often queued out the door. Before the chippy, there is the Douglas Hotel. We’ve had soup in hotel bar before (2018). There is a curry on the bar menu and a nut roast too (both, as of 2019).


Moving on from the Capital City of the Kingdom of Arran, the next town and second to the throne is Lamlash with views to Holy Isle. There are a couple of place’s we’ve eaten here.

UPDATE  Sept 2019: The Drift Inn has changed hands, so below might not be accurate (it’s the same chef though, we think).

The first place in Lamlash is The Drift Inn, which does a mean beetroot and chickpea burger made onsite (sometimes with and without a roll depending on stock) – note that the burger seems to have changed to a sweet potato burger now (2019). They also have veggie haggis, neeps and tatties and on occasion the veggie special on the board will be vegan – or a vegan version available. The Drift Inn has a good vibe and a selection of Scottish drinks and an army of gins, whiskies and other spirits that might tickle your fancy. They also do a mean soup. Roasted pepper soup photo below.

vegan beetroot burger from the drift inn
Vegan beetroot and chickpea burger at The Drift Inn in 2018 (sometimes they have vegan rolls)


Sweet potato burger
Sweet potato burger at the Drift Inn (2019)


Roasted pepper soup
Roasted pepper soup at the Drift Inn (2019) – this is the bomb

The other place in Lamlash is the Pierhead Tavern – or PHT. The menu changes, but we have had vegan food in there that was very tasty. It’s probably best phoning ahead to see what is on the menu. Below is a stew from 2018 and most recently (October 2019) a vegan bean burger (with vegan cheese) and a chocolate and orange torte.

vegan stew at PHT
Vegan stew at PHT (2018)
Vegan bean burger at the PHT (2019)
Vegan bean burger at the PHT (2019)
Orange and chocolate torte at the PHT (2019)
Orange and chocolate torte at the PHT (2019)

Lastly, the Old Pier Tearoom has recently started making vegan sausage rolls (2019). These are worth a visit to Lamlash.

Vegan sausage roll
Vegan sausage roll at Old Pier Tearoom (2019)

Whiting Bay

The next town south from Lamlash is Whiting Bay, which does have a few options – some of which we have tried out. There is a cracking cafe called the Coffee Pot that does a falafel burger (see below) and some homemade vegan cakes. Felicity’s also has a couple of vegan options and we’ve heard good things about the curry, so it’s on our list to try! Below is a photo of some pizzas they sell – with and without vegan cheese.

Vegan pizza at Felicity's in Whiting Bay (2019)

The Shore opened in March 2019 and have emailed us to say that they will be doing vegan options soon (see second photo below).

Coffee Pot falafel burger
Coffee Pot falafel burger (2018)


Vegan Victoria sponge
Vegan Victoria sponge at The Shore (2019)

Whiting Bay also hosts Bay Kitchen and Store, where you can buy fresh produce, bread and supplies not to mention a tasty soya cappuccino. Well worth a visit in our opinion.

Other Options

Arran has a number of other villages, so there may well be other vegan options on the island that we’ve missed. Lagg Hotel and Cafe Velo at Kilmory have a couple of options for instance. The three bean chilli is pictured below.

Three bean chilli at Lagg Hotel
Three bean chilli at Lagg Hotel (2019)

In June 2019, the new distillery at Lagg opened, which has some vegan food on the menu. In August 2019, we had the veggie burger and an Asian noodle dish a bit like ramen.

Asian noodles with tofu Lagg Distillery
Asian noodles with tofu Lagg Distillery (2019)


Veggie burger at Lagg Distillery
Veggie burger at Lagg Distillery (2019)

Our tip: always check opening times and menus by phoning ahead. The chefs change regularly, so new dishes are added and old dishes are retired.

Cheers for just now.

Go fly young vegan adventurers.

Pssst – If you eat any vegan dishes on the island, please drop us an email and let us know – we’d also love to add your photo to the photos below. Cheers!


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