Today, I picked some wild garlic. Apparently, it grows well on Arran and up until two days ago, I didn’t release we had it in our own garden! Pretty cool.

wild garlic in the ferghan mhor garden

Enter leftover vegan haggis and potato scones from the weekend and hey presto I’ve got a mini Ferghan Mhor vegan breakfast with wild garlic just waiting for me to try out.

wilted wild garlic
Wild garlic about to be wilted

Well… It tasted amazeballs! I wilted the leaves – after thoroughly washing off the bird turd – with some vegan butter and a pinch of salt and pepper and served with the reheated leftovers.

vegan breakfast with wilted wild garlic
Ferghan Mhor vegan breakfast with wilted garlic

When we moved to Arran and started a vegan B&B, we never thought we’d get introduced to such a wide spectrum of food stuff. From growing our own veg to food festivals to foraging for food, moving here has been brilliant!

PS. Thanks to Mara and Arran Supper Club for the inspiration. Big love.

PPS. For more updates on what we’re up to, check out our Instagram page.

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